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Gassho is the simple act of putting your hands together with the palms facing each other and the hands extended slightly in front of you. Gassho can be used when greeting or acknowledging a person of respect and is often accompanied with the phrase Namaste. It is also used in meditation like during the 6th stage of Hatsurei ho or when making your silent prayer of intention prior to starting a Reiki healing session.

Gassho is mentioned many times in the Lotus Sutra. For example, in Chapter 3 of the Lotus Sutra (Simile and Parable), we read:

At that time Shariputra’s mind danced with joy. Then he immediately stood up, pressed his palms together, gazed up in reverence at the face of the Honored-One, and said to the Buddha, “Just now, when I heard from the World-Honored One, this voice of the Law, my mind seemed to dance and I gained what I had never had before.

Shariputra feels joy because the Buddha had announced his attainment of enlightenment in the previous chapter. The act of putting his hands together and facing the Buddha means that his body (his hands) and his mind (gazing up at the Buddha) are now united as one. It also means that all of the causes he had made in studying with the Buddha for 42 years have now culminated with the effect of his enlightenment. The act of putting his hands together in a single moment represents the simultaneity of cause and effect and the fact that there is no difference between ordinary people and the Buddha. If you have read my blog on the meaning of Lotus Reiki, you will see that this is also the meaning of the Lotus Flower. That is why the Great Sage Nichiren says that Gassho is another name for the Lotus Sutra! (Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings, p. 45).

The next time you perform Gassho, remind yourself that you are a Buddha. If you are about to start a Reiki session, acknowledge that your patient is also a Buddha and have appreciation that your patient is allowing you to fulfill your mission as a healer. Silently thank them, smile with joy, do a little dance and then let the energy flow.

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