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The Hui Yin Technique

There are 2 main energy channels that surround our bodies called the Functional and Governor channels. The Tao views these 2 channels as the main psychic energy channels that connect all of the energy centers in our body. The Functional channel rises up from the Hui Yin (Chinese for perineum), moves under the pubic bone and continues up through the center line on the front of the body. The Governor channel also starts at the Hui Yin, moves back to the tip of the coccyx and then rises up through the spinal column. It continues up along the surface of the brain to the crown, descending through the middle of the face and ends up at the palate at the top of the mouth.

It is important for the Reiki healer to learn how to complete this energy circuit so that more Reiki energy can be directed out of the palms and towards the patient for healing. When I use the Hui Yin technique, I feel that my Reiki energy output is increased by at least 50 percent.

Step 1 – Locate and shut the Hui Yin.

The Hui Yin (pronounced Who Yin), is located between the anus and the reproductive organs. You can close the Hui Yin by contracting the anus and then drawing the muscles up and in. Practice holding the Hui Yin until you can do so for 15 minutes and it becomes second nature. Don’t contract too hard as it will abort your intention with spasms and disconnect you from your intention.

Step 2 – Complete the Circuit

To complete the energy circuit, shut the Hui Yin and then touch the tip of your tongue to the palate at the top of your mouth, right behind the top teeth.   This will close off the energy channels and complete the circuit. You can breathe in through your nose and out through either your nose or your mouth but try not to move the tongue out of position when opening your mouth.

You should try to use the Hui Yin every time you use Reiki. When you begin a Reiki session, as the Reiki begins to flow, gently remind yourself to do the Hui Yin. Experiment and try to feel the differences in energy output when you are doing the Hui Yin Technique and when you are not. Also ask your patient if they feel a difference. I am sure that you will both notice a big difference right away.

Leave a comment below and let me know your experiences with Hui Yin.

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